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Fixed Wireless Access

Gigabair specialises in Fixed Wireless Access [FWA]. Delivering business grade broadband our services offer an array of speeds from 30Mbps to 25.Gbps . Specialising in SD-WAN [Software Defined Wide Area Network], Gigabair can offer low cost and rapid deployment in any location within weeks and not months.

Our service delivery supports 5Ghz & 24Ghz unlicensed long range delivery with our Gigabit capable metro services delivering up 2Km using 60Ghz.

Gigabit Broadband Services

Connecting to gigabit broadband services can now be achieved in a rapid, simple and cost effective way. Our three core service areas addresses metro based high bandwidth delivery services from 30Mbps to 2.5Gbps. Delivery over a dual band radio service for resilience and quality of service. Our urban service offers high bandwidth private links ensuring high quality access outside of our of metropolitan areas. Our long distance service can offer solutions to areas where it is difficult to get connectivity or distance connectivity is needed. Combined with our double redundant network links integrated with our county mast network structure ensures we can do our best to get you connected

Ultrafast Broadband

Rapid Upload & Download Speeds

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